Av. Mutlu Manyas Wheatley

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Contract Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Maritime Law


81, Chancery Lane
London WC2A 1 DD

Mutlu is the founder of the firm. Her practice spans international infrastructure projects and substantial commercial agreements. She has been contributing the leading companies including IMKB 100 companies in Turkey by advising on significant projects.

She specialises in contract law where she undertakes a broad range of work including contractual disputes, shipping disputes (shipbuilding, charter parties, bills of lading) international trade/commodities and insurance (marine and non-marine). She advises large companies on a wide range of issues. She has particular expertise in shipbuilding and the automotive industry with vast experience in the negotiation and drafting of main contracts of automotive and marine industry such as shipbuilding contracts, CKD/SKD/DKD manufacture agreements, distribution agreements, OEM supply agreements and has over the years advised on new building contracts for many types of vessels as well as manufacture of many types of vehicles. Mutlu’s experience extends further than just being a lawyer, she has a detailed understanding of how businesses work and how to marry the legal elements with her clients’ goals.

Mutlu also works on a wide variety of corporate work ranging from joint-venture and investment deals to mergers and acquisitions as well as general company law advice relating to corporate governance and procedural issues.

Mutlu speaks English on the level of a native speaker.


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