Merge and Aqusition

Manyas Law Office provides legal consulting services in all stages of the merger and acquisition processes where domestic and foreign companies operating in various sectors are involved. Our team provides support to the clients in capacity of buyer, seller, target company and project sponsor in mergers and acquisitions for issues such as legal status and determination of risks (Due Diligence); preparation, amendment, analysis and negotiation of merger contracts, joint venture (Joint Venture) contracts, Consortium agreements, share transfer agreements, share pledge agreements, dominance and shareholders contracts; obtaining all necessary permissions and licenses required in this process. Manyas Law Office with its experienced staff serves also in the fields of creating internal regulations in order to harmonize the intra-company corporate governance with applicable corporate applications after completion of the processes of mergers and acquisitions. Our office provides also consulting services in the fields of divisions of company and change of type for the restructuring of companies in the preparation, application and implementation phases. In addition, with regard to competition law, services are rendered in the issues such as horizontal and vertical agreements, license agreements, mergers and acquisitions and declaration of joint ventures and also in applications by the Competition Authority for the negative declaratory actions and exemptions, monopolization and restrictive applications on competition.





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