Ship Registiration Deletion/ Company Closure/ Liqudition

With the disappearance of the purposes of companies established abroad, it is important to carry out liquidation and closing procedures in order to prevent any liability related to these companies in the future. For example, a company that functions as the owner of marine vehicles such as boats and yachts should be closed as soon as possible after the boat is sold. If the company is not closed, tax liability and other reporting responsibilities regarding the company continue depending on the country in which it is located. Thanks to our global business partners, we can support you in the closing processes of your companies established all over the world. The following countries are just some of the countries and states where we operate: 1) UNITED STATES (USA) -All states, most heavily Delaware -USA overseas affiliates and related countries; For example Virgin Islands of United States (US Virgin Islands), Marshall Islands (Marshall Islands) 2)UK -England -England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland -Countries of overseas kingdom such as British Virgin Islands (British Virgin Islands) , Isle of Mull ( Isle of Mull), Channel Islands (Channel Islands), Cayman Islands (Cayman Islands), -Gibraltar (GibralTarik ) 3)IRELAND 4)MALTA





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